What Are Cookies ?

Cookies are micro packets of data that are used for storing information about users. These files are downloaded to the user’s computer when the user visits a website. This information is stored on the user’s browser to “remember” the user’s customizations and preferences.

Use Of Cookies

Any claims against Zenwork shall only be brought by the Customer entity that is a party to the Terms. In no event shall this DPA or any party restrict or limit the rights of any data subject or of any competent supervisory authority.

As you browse , advertising cookies will be placed on your computer or mobile devices so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display advertising channels, such as Google AdWords, then enable us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with and its products.

The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address, or telephone number.

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What Do We Use Cookies For?

Cookies are used to personalize your online browsing experience when you visit our websites and product pages. Cookies will also optimize your interactions with our products and services, and make your online experiences more secure.

Additionally, cookies will also allow us to advertise our products and service offerings both on-site and through third-party advertising channels, and bring customized features to you through our in-built plugins.

Categories Of Use Description
Authentication If you’re signed in to, your cookie preferences will help us display and show you the right information and help us customize your on-site experiences.
Security We also use cookies to detect and validate any malicious activity that violates our user agreement and privacy policy.
Preferences, features, and services Cookies help us understand your language and communication preferences. They can help you fill out contact/demo forms easily. They also help us with curating unique features, services, content, and other insights in conjunction with your preferences.
Advertising We use your cookie preferences to advertise relevant product offerings both on and off our websites. Cookie preferences will also be used to validate if a certain user has visited our page and their activity on our pages (for example, downloading a brochure or adding services to the cart, etc.). Similarly, our advertising partners will use this information to target ads and monitor the performance of that ad, observe the user’s interaction with the ad, and re-target the user with relevant content.

Control Your Cookie Preferences

You have complete control over data. Your cookie preferences will be automatically accepted by our trackers. You can configure your browser settings to reject all cookies. Alternatively, you can select and apply certain cookie settings below, so your online experience is still customized for you.

Please note that without cookies, certain features and security enhancements will not be functional. Your username will be forgotten should you want to come back to our pages later. Rejecting all cookies will affect your subsequent visits to our sites.