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  • Reduce workload on your accounting teams
  • Automate your tax reports and eFile faster with Tax1099’s simplified eFiling solutions
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Import Form Details from your QuickBooks Account

Streamline the process of filing forms like 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC by integrating Tax1099 with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Select the Form from Tax1099's Dashboard
  • Connect your QuickBooks Account
  • Import your Details to eFile

Tax1099 Integration With QuickBooks Desktop

Sync your 1099 Vendors from QuickBooks Desktop to Tax1099 in a single click

Tax1099 integrated with QuickBooks Desktop to sync your 1099-qualified vendors and payments. We offer year-round eFiling, prior-year eFiling, corrected forms, and much more. 1099-MISC eFiling does not get any easier than this!


Transmit and store data under 256-bit, bank-grade security.

We're on the cutting-edge of data security. We protect your data with 256-bit, bank-grade security, the same level used by most of the government, even the military. We go above and beyond with a third-party audit on our security measures. We do whatever it takes to keep your sensitive data secure.

Make our platform your own

We provide the tools you need to get your 1099 & other form filing processes done, according to your situation.

Form creation options

So you use Xero? Great! We’ve got a two-way sync for you. Do you use other accounting software as well? We’ve got integrations with most platforms. Need to import from Excel? We’ve got the templates. Just filing one form this year? Try manual entry.

Form delivery options

Do you have the email addresses of your vendors? Tax1099 provides a secure portal for delivering tax forms to recipients (vendors), ensuring IRS compliance and providing recipients with anytime access to their forms. The cost for using the IRS-compliant eDelivery portal is $0.25 per form.



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